Recent Loan Highlights

$565,000 Mixed Use Property Purchase Loan

November 2020: A commercial real estate investor saw a good opportunity to purchase a 4 unit property in Washington, DC. Normally, a regular bank could have financed the purchase, since the borrower was strong. However, due to Covid, banks were not lending on consumer facing investments and this one included a Vacant Restaurant space, so the investors needed help.
Their realtor referred them to Complete Business Capital. After analysis, it became obvious this deal was good enough for a bank, it just needed the right one. Leveraging relationships at a specialty bank, Complete Business Capital was able to get a very good loan with a good rate with just an additional guarantee by another business the investor owned.
Now the investor has a cash flowing property which is serving the local area and the bank has a low risk loan.

$400,000 Working Capital Loan

September 2020: An IT company was bringing staff back to work after a dramatic slowdown due to Covid. New orders meant a rapid ramp up but the company wouldn’t be paid for 2 months after their staff started working. How would they cover payroll?
The team at Complete Business Capital worked diligently with 2 lending partners to get a loan offer for 1 month of expenses at $250,000 and another loan offer for 2 months of expenses at $400,000! The company took the larger loan to have flexibility and not be stressed if a client paid late. It was great to have a part in putting people back to work!

$100,000 Working Capital Loan

July 2020: A Cyber Security firm was growing rapidly and needed a loan to bring on new employees.  Despite the company’s success a bank wouldn’t approve a loan.  An internet lender would not loan enough.  What was the owner to do?
Thankfully, he reached out to Complete Business Capital.   After analysis, we realized this company should qualify for what the owner wanted.  By leveraging a strategic partnership, we were able to get the company funded for the $100,000 that was needed.  Now this cyber firm has a clear growth path for the rest of the year!

16 PPP Loans totaling $270,000

May-June 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic hit a lot of small businesses.  Complete Business Capital was honored when two of our lending partners allowed us to join their SBA Paycheck Protection Program outreach efforts.  We worked together to get funding for a wide range of industries from child care to restaurants and media to therapy.  Many of these businesses tried their bank but the line was too long.  Most of our clients were approved and funded in a week.  Whatever the need, Complete Business Capital will work to support the business community.

$970,000 Commercial Property Loan

May 2020: A business owner had been looking for a warehouse to purchase for some time.  He was approved for a loan at 6.5% by a private lender but they shut down for the COVID pandemic, leaving the buyer in a bad spot.  Complete Business Capital looked at the deal and realized the owner was strong enough for a bank loan, but didn’t have much time to close.  Our expert team leveraged local banking relationships near the business to find someone who could close quickly.  And he got a rate 2% lower!  Complete Business Capital was happy to save this deal and save the buyer a lot of money.

$250,000 Fix and Flip Loan

January 2020: 2 investors found heirs to a distressed home who didn’t know what to with it.  They made an offer to buy the property and get rid of the headache, which the family accepted.  The partners had money to do the renovation, so they went looking for a purchase loan.  They got an approval from a private lender, but before closing, a “bigger project” came up and his money was gone!  This left the partners scrambling at the last minute to save the deal.
Thankfully, a friend sent them to Complete Business Capital.  We looked at the deal and realized it had a lot of equity.  So we quickly secured an approval and had them funded by our partner for a 100% purchase loan!  Now, thanks to our help, the investors are well on their way to a $650,000 resale.

2019 Highlights

Loans of All Sizes, Including:

$1,400,000 Residential Investment Portfolio Loan
$1,100,000 Commercial Property Purchase Loan
$70,000 Restaurant Equipment Finance
$146,000 Working Capital Loan

2018 Highlights

Loans of All Sizes, Including:

$360,000 Commercial Real Estate Cash-Out Refinance
$125,000 Payroll Advance for IT company
$46,000 Restaurant Equipment Finance
$450,000 SBA Loan

2017 Highlights

$291,000 Property Acquisition Loan for a Real Estate Investor
$75,000 Working Capital Loan for a Restaurant
$25,000 Working Capital Loan for a Gym

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