Recent Loan Highlights

$100,000 Working Capital Loan

August 2018: A restaurant owner had the opportunity to expand an existing location, but needed a loan to do so.  Even though the business and credit were strong, his bank said, No.  Yet, Complete Business Capital easily secured $100,000 with very favorable terms to help this restaurant grow.  Once the construction is finished, the additional seating will be a nice boost to the owner’s bottom line.

$46,000 Equipment Lease

June 2018: A restaurant owner was ready to open a 2nd location.  He had saved up enough to lease a new space, but not enough to purchase the commercial kitchen equipment.  Though the existing business was strong, due to personal credit, which wasn’t bad, his bank could not help.  However, our expert team quickly secured a 5 year equipment lease covering 100% of the costs.  Now the new restaurant is open, with low monthly payments to help with cash flow while the client base is established.

$200,000 SBA Loan

May 2018: A government contractor needed to refinance high interest debt and get working capital to expand and capture new market share.  In spite of strong personal finances, recent business growth, and new orders on the books, the local bank could not get past historical profit.  Complete Business Capital stepped in to work with a progressive SBA lender and get the loan done.  Now the contractor is saving money from the debt refinance and is poised for rapid growth.

$450,000 SBA Loan

March 2018: A construction company had outgrown the place they were renting and needed a commercial property with room to expand.  The owner’s loan officer referred him to Complete Business Capital for financing.  He wanted a lower down payment than was required by a bank,  so our team helped him trough the SBA process.  Now the owner has a new property and cash to expand his business.

$200,000 Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loan

February 2018: A real estate investor needed help to purchase his first commercial property.  Although, he was buying the property well below market rate, the bank still required a 25% down payment.  The investor could have sold another property to raise the cash, but the deal would have slipped away by then.

Instead, he turned to Complete Business Capital.  Since the Loan to Value was very attractive, we secured a 100% loan for 1 year and closed in 3 weeks!  Now the investor has built in equity, and once the property is leased, will be in a position to obtain favorable terms for a standard bank loan.  While we can’t promise no down payment on every real estate loan, we work hard to get the best deal for our clients.

$44,000 Working Capital Loan

January 2018:  A restaurant owner wanted to expand into a neighboring space.  She had some money saved up, but not enough to complete the project on her own.  She had maxed out bank financing, but Complete Business Capital was able to get her a 2 year term loan for $44,000 in less than a week.

2017 Highlights

Loans of All Sizes, Including:

$291,000 Property Acquisition Loan for a Real Estate Investor

$75,000 Working Capital Loan for a Restaurant

$25,000 Working Capital Loan for a Gym

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