Recent Loan Highlights

$100,000 Working Capital Loan

July 2020: A Cyber Security firm was growing rapidly and needed a loan to bring on new employees.  Despite the company’s success a bank wouldn’t approve a loan.  An internet lender would not loan enough.  What was the owner to do?

Thankfully, he reached out to Complete Business Capital.   After analysis, we realized this company should qualify for what the owner wanted.  By leveraging a strategic partnership, we were able to get the company funded for the $100,000 that was needed.  Now this cyber firm has a clear growth path for the rest of the year!

16 PPP Loans totaling $270,000

May-June 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic hit a lot of small businesses.  Complete Business Capital was honored when two of our lending partners allowed us to join their SBA Paycheck Protection Program outreach efforts.  We worked together to get funding for a wide range of industries from child care to restaurants and media to therapy.  Many of these businesses tried their bank but the line was too long.  Most of our clients were approved and funded in a week.  Whatever the need, Complete Business Capital will work to support the business community.

$970,000 Commercial Property Loan

May 2020: A business owner had been looking for a warehouse to purchase for some time.  He was approved for a loan at 6.5% by a private lender but they shut down for the COVID pandemic, leaving the buyer in a bad spot.  Complete Business Capital looked at the deal and realized the owner was strong enough for a bank loan, but didn’t have much time to close.  Our expert team leveraged local banking relationships near the business to find someone who could close quickly.  And he got a rate 2% lower!  Complete Business Capital was happy to save this deal and save the buyer a lot of money.

$250,000 Fix and Flip Loan

January 2020: 2 investors found heirs to a distressed home who didn’t know what to with it.  They made an offer to buy the property and get rid of the headache, which the family accepted.  The partners had money to do the renovation, so they went looking for a purchase loan.  They got an approval from a private lender, but before closing, a “bigger project” came up and his money was gone!  This left the partners scrambling at the last minute to save the deal.

Thankfully, a friend sent them to Complete Business Capital.  We looked at the deal and realized it had a lot of equity.  So we quickly secured an approval and had them funded by our partner for a 100% purchase loan!  Now, thanks to our help, the investors are well on their way to a $650,000 resale.

$40,000 Working Capital Loan

November 2019: An HVAC company had a commercial contract and needed funds to start work.  The owner’s credit was below their bank’s minimum but it was not terrible and the company had good cash flow.  A referral partner sent them to Complete Business Capital and we had our working capital source provided quick funding.  The company was able to start the contract in time to get a nice Christmas paycheck!

$1,400,000 Investment Portfolio Loan

October 2019: A savvy real estate investor had purchased a portfolio of residential rentals with seller financing.  After updating each property and raising the rent, he thought the portfolio should qualify for a long term cash out refinance.  It should have, but the local banks told him, No.  He tried several loan brokers who wanted to charge high fees with no guarantee of return.  A business acquaintance told him to try Complete Business Capital.

Our team evaluated the situation and realized the numbers were really tight for a bank, but the investor was strong financially.  We decided to see if our bank partners could provide the loan since he needed a really low rate to make the numbers work out.  Our relationships paid off.  This investor is very happy with our bank friend and got the cash out to work on another portfolio!

$104,000 Multifamily Apartment Loan

September 2019: A commercial real estate investor wanted to buy a small apartment building for his portfolio.   The loan needed was too small for bank and most private lenders only offer short term loans, so he turned to Complete Business Capital for help.  We found a 30 year fixed low interest rate loan.  Now he enjoys a cash flowing property and does not have to worry about refinancing.

$146,000 Payroll Advance Loan

August 2019: A rapidly growing Technology company had won a new contract and needed funding to pay new employees while waiting for Accounts Receivable to come in.  Their bank was not able to move fast enough and referred them to Complete Business Capital.  Our familiarity with the industry and this type of scenario made it easy to provide a quick loan solution.  The company was able to make payroll and now that the Accounts Receivable have been paid, are on track for a bright future.

$225,000 Residential Fix and Flip Loan

July 2019: A residential investor learned about a distressed property from a friend and thought it would be a great candidate to fix and flip.  He had a little money but not nearly enough to fund the whole project.  If he brought in a partner, he would lose most of the profit, so he came to Complete Business Capital.  It turned out to be such a great deal that our team though the project should get 100% funding.  Thanks to our keen insights and flexibility this investor only paid closing costs and made a lot on the resale!

$1,100,000 Commercial Property Loan

June 2019: A non-profit organization had loan offers from out of area lenders to help purchase a building, but thought they could do better.  A friend of a board member recommended Complete Business Capital.  We were able to leverage relationships with local banks to quickly provide the loan terms the organization wanted.  Now the board is really pleased that they will be able to put more money toward the mission rather than paying extra loan interest.

$70,000 Restaurant Equipment Finance

April 2019: A successful restaurant owner wanted to open a new location.  He needed to order new equipment and did not want to go through a full bank loan process.  Our team worked with our equipment partner for a quick approval.  They even pre-funded the order, so the equipment company could get the ball rolling.  Now the restaurant owner is happy with a low monthly payment and the new restaurant is open for business.

$25,000 Working Capital Loan

March 2019: A successful entrepreneur’s staffing company had just won a new contract and needed working capital to bring on a new employee.  However, a prior bankruptcy and historical cash flow kept his bank from approving a loan.  Fortunately, this company owner had a banker who  referred him to Complete Business Capital.

The company’s recent cash flow was more than sufficient to cover the small loan that was needed for the new employee.  So the Complete Business Capital team quickly got him $25,000 to bring on the new hire.  Now the owner is ready to look for more growth opportunities.

$250,000 Restaurant Remodeling Loan

February 2019:  An established restaurant had sagging sales but the owner had plans to renovate and bring new life to the business.  She needed a loan to do that, but the slow sales prevented a bank from providing financing.  Her mortgage broker sent her to Complete Business Capital.  During our discovery process, we learned the restaurant owner had a commercial rental property.  Though it had a mortgage, we were able to use it as security for a $250,000 loan from a private lending partner.  Now this owner is able to update the restaurant, bring in new customers, and increase profits!

$120,000 Investment Property Rehab Loan

January 2019: An inherited property needed to be remodeled before it could be sold at market price.  Adding stress to the situation was a reverse mortgage that needed to be paid off immediately.  Complete Business Capital was able to arrange a loan to pay off the mortgage and allow time to finish the remodel.  Once complete, the investors were able to walk away with a hefty profit!

2018 Highlights

Loans of All Sizes, Including:

$360,000 Commercial Real Estate Cash-Out Refinance

$125,000 Payroll Advance for IT company

$46,000 Restaurant Equipment Finance

$450,000 SBA Loan

2017 Highlights

$291,000 Property Acquisition Loan for a Real Estate Investor

$75,000 Working Capital Loan for a Restaurant

$25,000 Working Capital Loan for a Gym

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