Recent Loan Highlights

$1,100,000 Commercial Property Loan

June 2019: A non-profit organization had loan offers from out of area lenders to help purchase a building, but thought they could do better.  A friend of a board member recommended Complete Business Capital.  We were able to leverage relationships with local banks to quickly provide the loan terms the organization wanted.  Now the board is really pleased that they will be able to put more money toward the mission rather than paying extra loan interest.

$70,000 Restaurant Equipment Finance

April 2019: A successful restaurant owner wanted to open a new location.  He needed to order new equipment and did not want to go through a full bank loan process.  Our team had him quickly approved and the order pre-funded, so the equipment company could get the ball rolling.  He is happy with a low monthly payment and the new restaurant is now open for business.

$25,000 Working Capital Loan

March 2019: A successful entrepreneur’s staffing company had just won a new contract and needed working capital to bring on a new employee.  However, a prior bankruptcy and historical cash flow kept his bank from approving a loan.  Fortunately, this company owner had a banker who  referred him to Complete Business Capital.

The company’s recent cash flow was more than sufficient to cover the small loan that was needed for the new employee.  So the Complete Business Capital team quickly got him $25,000 to bring on the new hire.  Now the owner is ready to look for more growth opportunities.

$250,000 Restaurant Remodeling Loan

February 2019:  An established restaurant had sagging sales but the owner had plans to renovate and bring new life to the business.  She needed a loan to do that, but the slow sales prevented a bank from providing financing.  Her mortgage broker sent her to Complete Business Capital.  During our discovery process, we learned the restaurant owner had a commercial rental property.  Though it had a mortgage, we were able to use it as security for a $250,000 loan from a private lending partner.  Now this owner is able to update the restaurant, bring in new customers, and increase profits!

$120,000 Investment Property Rehab Loan

January 2019: An inherited property needed to be remodeled before it could be sold at market price.  Adding stress to the situation was a reverse mortgage that needed to be paid off immediately.  Complete Business Capital was able to arrange a loan to pay off the mortgage and allow time to finish the remodel.  Once complete, the investors were able to walk away with a hefty profit!

2018 Highlights

Loans of All Sizes, Including:

$360,000 Commercial Real Estate Cash-Out Refinance

$125,000 Payroll Advance for IT company

$46,000 Restaurant Equipment Finance

$450,000 SBA Loan

2017 Highlights

$291,000 Property Acquisition Loan for a Real Estate Investor

$75,000 Working Capital Loan for a Restaurant

$25,000 Working Capital Loan for a Gym

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