Minorities and Small Business Loans

Getting a business loan can be challenging for anyone, but for minorities it can seem even more difficult.  Complete Business Capital understands that people have various backgrounds with different starting points in life and in business.  That’s why we are proud to lend a listening ear to each story, which helps us get more minorities funded!

In fact, African Americans and Latinos received about 50% of our loans in 2017.  We are on track to do just as well for 2018!

How can your business qualify for a loan?  The key is to have 2 of the famous 3 Cs.  They are:

  • Credit
  • Cash Flow
  • Collateral

If you have all 3 Cs and they are strong, your bank might approve a loan.  If they won’t or if you only have 2 Cs and they are good or better, Complete Business Capital can find a loan solution for you.  Options include Working Capital, Equipment Finance, Debt Refinance, Contract Finance, SBA Loans, and more.

Not sure if your Cs are “good” enough?  It will vary with each industry, so ask and we will let you know.  If they are, we’ll get to work on your loan.  If you need some pointers to prepare before applying, we are happy to share what we’ve seen that works.

Let’s start talking about a loan to boost your business today!

Benefits of Our Financing Programs

  • Approval Faster than a Bank
  • Options for Strong or Weak Credit
  • Low monthly payments let you grow faster
  • Save your Bank Line of Credit for other needs

Make Complete Business Capital your new Financing Partner!

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