Free Resources

As your business and real estate finance partner we are happy to provide free resources to assist you.  We trust these tools and information will help with everything from planning and preparation to reduced stress and business success.


Goal Planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  How do you build a realistic plan to reach your business goals?  This 2 page guide walks you through simple and practical steps to build a workable plan for success.  Download the PDF here: Goal Planning


Residential Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate has helped many people make money.  Especially by “flipping houses” after doing repairs and adding value.  How do you analyze a house flip scenario?  Here is a high level guide with an example which includes loan criteria.  Downloaded the PDF here: Residential Scenario


SBA Loan Guides

SBA loans are a great option for many business owners.  While lots of sources provide an overwhelming amount of information, we have simplified what you need to know if an SBA loan is right for your business.  These guides will save you a lot of time and energy from rushing to get something that might not work, or make sure you’re prepared so you have a good loan experience.  Download the PDF that applies to your situation here:
Introduction to SBA Loans
Commercial Real Estate
Purchase an Existing Business
Start a New Business


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