Commercial Refinance

Commercial Mortgage Refinance

Ready to get out of rising interest rates?  Want to lower monthly payments?  Need to cash out some equity?

Time to Refinance your Commercial Property, but DON’T WASTE TIME RATE SHOPPING!  Many lenders will quote you a low rate that you don’t qualify for only to disappoint you in the end.  Term loan rates for commercial properties depend on a lot of factors and typically are:

  • 4-8% for strong credit, strong cash flow, and low LTV properties
  • 8-12% for weak credit, older properties, special situations, or higher LTV

The good news, is we are more flexible than a bank because we work with multiple lenders to get the best financing to fit your need.  Loans range from $500,000 to $5M+

Offerings include:

  • Bank Rate Programs (full documentation, min FICO 725)
  • Non-Bank Program (stated income, no tax returns, min FICO 650)
  • SBA Loans for Owner Occupied Properties

Please tell us how we can help:

Benefits of Our Financing Programs

  • Approval Faster than a Bank
  • Options for Strong or Weak Credit
  • Fixed or Variable Rates
  • Minimum documentation program option

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