Working Capital Solutions For Businesses

To remain financially flexible, businesses need to have access to working capital. For new and small businesses, this working capital can sometimes be a scarce resource, which can hinder growth. Complete Business Capital uses trusted finance partners to help solve the problem for businesses of all sizes and ages.

Short Term Working Capital Loans

Many small businesses can qualify for a 6-18 month loan based on revenue with no collateral required.  Typically this type of loan will be equal one month of your company’s income up to $250,000.  These can be done quickly, require very little paperwork, and are much easier to get than a bank loan.  Some benefits include:

  • Fast approvals
  • Businesses as young a 1 year old may qualify
  • Based off of revenue on bank statements, not tax returns
  • Very competitive interest rates for strong credit
  • Can work with credit scores as low as 600
  • Most industries are eligible

Unsecured Lines Of Credit – Business Credit Cards

Most new and small businesses face prohibitively high requirements when trying to get unsecured lines of credit through traditional channels. However, with proper guidance, companies can often get what they need from higher business credit card limits. If you have strong credit, this may be a good option for you. Our unsecured credit line partner offers:

  • Zero percent introductory offers
  • Lines of credit up to $100,000
  • Fast pre-approval with no obligation
  • Start ups are eligible

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing helps businesses level the playing field against larger competitors. It gives small businesses the funds needed to take on larger orders, and get a stronger foothold in their respective industries. Purchase order financing is a debt-free solution, and the advance repaid when your customers pay their invoices in full.  This frees up your working capital for other uses. No money comes out of your business account, the company preserves its credit ratings, and business owners reap the rewards of larger revenue.

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