Offer Credit to Your Customers Through Our Consumer Finance Program

If your business sells a product or service valued below $10,000, Complete Business Capital believes that you can benefit from our consumer finance program. This program is ideal for businesses who want to capture additional market share. If you already extend credit to your customers, we can expand your capacity and take the bookkeeping burden off your hands. We can extend financing to customers with credit scores as low as 580, and we can even purchase your Revolving Credit Agreements and Retail Installment Contracts.

Benefits of Our Consumer Financing Program

As mentioned above, we can extend financing to customers of all types. Our program can give you the ability to offer flexible interest rates and tiered pricing to your customers. When you take advantage of our consumer finance program, you will gain access to the following benefits.

  • Quick credit processing approval
  • Creative financing options
  • Capable of accepting E-signatures
  • Provide financing to customers who have previously been denied credit

We have extensive experience working with businesses in a variety of industries, and we firmly believe that we can help you find the right consumer financing solution.

Don’t Miss Another Sell

We don’t want your customers to have to delay their purchases, but with our finance program, they won’t have to. This program can also ensure that your company stays afloat and doesn’t lose revenue. Reach out to Complete Business Solutions to learn more.