Helping Businesses Grow And Flourish

Small business owners understand the drive to grow in order to remain successful in today’s competitive marketplace. Complete Business Capital recognizes the challenges of finding the adequate capital to move your business past the next milestone. Because of this, we offer a number of programs for growth-focused businesses, so entrepreneurs can position themselves for the great leap forward.

Invoice Factoring

Our invoice factoring program is a debt-free solution which allows businesses to accrue growth capital, while simultaneously eliminating the wait for customer payments. Our invoice factoring program features:

  • Fast turnaround on open invoices with aging periods of 30 days or longer
  • No credit checks on your business
  • No debt on balance sheets
  • Non-recourse financing

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is another growth-focused solution from Complete Business Capital, which allows entrepreneurs to carve out a larger market share for themselves. Purchase order financing is ideal for small businesses that want to take on larger client orders for increased revenue. This program includes:

  • Working capital for large orders
  • Zero debt
  • No credit checks on businesses
  • Retain financial flexibility

This Is Just The Start

Complete Business Capital offers much more in addition to purchase order financing and invoice factoring. If your business is positioned for growth, call our offices and put our team to work for you. We work directly with small business owners to understand their needs, and provide customized solutions to help them reach their financial goals.