The Business Banker’s Best Friend

You know how much your client relationships mean. And you have to deal with the fallout when a company’s loan request is denied.  You’ve probably had the bad experience of a client closing an account because your bank did not provide a loan.

Complete Business Capital’s goal is to prevent that terrible scenario from happening.  If you can’t fund a loan, we’ll work with our non-bank partners to fund your client until they are bankable.  That way you keep your client and their business can continue.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

  • Protect your deposit relationships
  • Give your business clients help to get over a roadblock
  • Speed up your client’s success and grow their bank account
  • You don’t have high risk loans in your portfolio

How Does It Work?

Contact us to preview the client’s business and loan scenario.  No confidential information is needed.  If we think there is a fit, let your client know, and do an email introduction.  We’ll take it from there to:

  • Get details and documents from the Client
  • Evaluate non-bank loan possibilities
  • Discuss private lending pros and cons
  • Secure a loan approval if they move forward

What Do We Look For?

We’ll evaluate credit, cash-flow, and collateral but have higher risk thresholds than banks.  Most of our loan partners do not require collateral and can work with credit scores down to 600.  We prefer clients with 2 years in business, but will look at 1 year old companies. A key criteria is cash-flow, however, we consider recent information on bank statements rather than tax returns.  We want your clients to succeed, so if they can’t support loan payments, it will not be approved.

Honest Feedback

We provide realistic feedback to help business owners.  If a new loan would be too risky for them, we say so.  If they could get better terms by making changes or waiting, we say so.  Whether we secure a loan or not, we truly want to help companies and strive to make you look good in the process.  Referrals are like gold, so we take very good care of them.

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